Sometimes in the NFL one play will change the momentum and feel of a game. Because the Jets lack talent when a play like this happens, they do not have the foresight or maturity to forget and move on. In the first half of the Jets-Charger game, there were some good moments for the Jets but the one play by Joe Flacco, a pick six changed everything. Erased immediately was a Nathan Shepard/Jordan Jenkins sack, a blocked punt and sack by Henry Anderson and a fumble within the Jets 10-yard line caused by a Marcus Maye hit. All of these which will probably make the Jets highlight reel were for nothing because of Joe Flacco’s 2-yard interception on an out pass that my grandson Anthony could have thrown with more zip. After that play the air seemed to go out of the Jets as they reflected the defeatist look of Adam Gase that Jet fans are used to even behind his oversized black mask. After Flacco’s interception, Charger rookie quarterback Justin Herbert just picked apart the young inexperienced secondary of the Jets. The first half ended with the Chargers leading 24-6. The Jets opening drive touchdown was the only first half highlight but Sam Fickens missed the extra point. If one wants to look deeper maybe Chris Herndon’s 26-yard reception was another highlight but Herndon earlier dropped a perfectly thrown pass to him. Justin Herbert had first half stats that Joe Flacco and Sam Darnold would love for a full game. He was 23-31 for 277 yards with 2 TDs. Charger receiver Keenan Allen also had first half stats that Denzel Mims and Breshad Perriman would also love for a full game. He had 10 receptions for 108 yards making mince meat of Arthur Maulet and the rest of the Jets secondary.

  In the second half the Jets finally opened it up a bit and began throwing to their receivers. First Jamison Crowder caught a 16-yard pass. Then Joe Flacco hit Breshad Perriman in stride with a 49-yard touchdown pass. Unfortunately the Justin Herbert-Keenan Allen show continued as Allen caught his 13th pass for a touchdown. The Jets came back and the pass completion to Denzel Mims was amazing. I told my pal Rob August via text that the quarterback I want on the Jets next year is the guy who will throw it to Mims at least 12 times a game. All he is showing is talent. The Jets scored a touchdown on a run by Frank Gore after the Jets moved the ball downfield mostly on penalties. The Chargers answered with a field goal. But before that their drive was extended after Jordan Jenkins roughed Justin Herbert after an incompletion. Jenkins hasn’t been just a non-factor this year but has been a negative factor for the Jets.  The Jets did stop the Chargers with a nice third down tackle by Bryce Hall. The Jets had their shot but could not deliver as the Charger pass rush was too much for Flacco. A roughing penalty on Joey Bosa extended their drive but it was too little too late. A late clock safety by the Jets ended the scoring. The Jets ended up losing 34-28 moving closer to Trevor Lawrence. If there is anything one can take from this game it’s that if the Jets can resign Breshad Perriman to a one-year incentive type contract based on games played, along with Denzel Mims the Jets have some weapons on offense.  This Denzel Mims may be one of the most talented players the Jets have had in a while. They still have a lot of holes to fill including a shut down corner and and edge pass rusher. After securing the quarterback, the Jets should focus on the offensive line first then get some help on defense.

  A loss is a loss and you are what your record says you are. The 0-10 Jets are on their way to a 0-16 season. This game was competitive but there is a lack of consistency on both sides of the ball. I’m like every Jet fan and I can’t wait to get rid of Adam Gase. But say what you want he has the team playing hard and he does deserve credit for that.


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