“Lack of skill dictates economy of style.”

                                                                             -Joey Ramone


  The NFL draft is about 8 hours away. I’ve been Mel Kipered, Albert Breered and Adam Scheftered so much, there will be weeks of rehab ahead for me. Because of some minor medical issues I did have time to listen to multiple draft Podcasts, read Athlon Draft Magazine multiple times, watched game film ad nauseam and navigate through the ads on Walter Football to find the best picks for the Jets as well as some sleepers (my favorites). I learned the last few years to stay away from small school prospects. It just isn’t worth the time . The Jerry Rice type player from Mississippi Valley State University is more of an anomaly. Typically there are a lot more players like Dylan Donahue who the Jets drafted in 2017 from West Georgia. Reading his stats back then I was sure the Jets had finally found the long sought after replacement for John Abraham. As it turned out Donahue’s claim to fame was driving drunk the wrong way in the Lincoln Tunnel which thank god no one was hurt or sacked for that matter.

  Once again I am going to the draft simulator playing GM and get the green and white back on the right track. Hey ho, let’s go! Hey ho, let’s go!


1st Rnd (2nd pk)-Zach Wilson, QB, BYU

As of the last few days, Zach Wilson has reached out to some former Jets quarterbacks to get their thoughts about playing in New York. I heard Chad Pennington and Mark Sanchez both interviewed about Wilson’s phone call. This is a done deal!


1st Rnd (23rd pk)-Najee Harris, RB, Alabama

Going against my two Podcast co-hosts Ralph Sharaga and Ray Clifford, I could not resist taking this running back with our second first round pick. I think Harris has superstar written all over him and I’m one of the few that like him better than Travis Etienne.


2nd Rnd (34th pk)-Teven Jenkins, OT, Oaklahoma St.

I love offensive lineman that play with a nastiness. He played on the left side in college but you can plug this guy in anywhere.  He takes his trade personal and loves to drive defensive players into the ground. Incredibly aggressive and athletic.


3rd Rnd (66th pk)-Elijah Molden, CB, Washington

When you read some of his scouting report, this is a real value pick:

        “Tough, instinctive player with a terrific game. Quick reading and diagnosing the action, explosive, and plays with a degree of suddenness……Does a great job leading the defense and quarterbacking the secondary……..Can start in the NFL from day one…..

I’m hoping he can be a number one DB have Bryce Hall cover the number two WR.


3rd Rnd (86th pk)-Tylan Wallace, WR, Oaklahoma State

Wallace is a big play threat who plays much bigger than his size (5’ 11”) at the catch point. He attacks the ball in contested catch situations like it is the last ball that will ever be thrown to him. His medicals are a key after an ACL tear in 2019 but if everything checks out, Tylan Wallace is the complete package.


4th Rnd (107th pk)-Kendrick Green, OG, Illinois

Another nasty offensive lineman who has a lot of versatility. He has played both guard and center. The scouting report emphasized his upside:

               “Green was productive and durable for Illinois at several positions on the offensive line. He comes with an upside and is a solid middle-round choice who would fit a power gap system.”


5th Rnd (146th pk)-Shaun Wade, S, Ohio State

Ever since the college playoffs and how bad Wade played, did I start to investigate him. If you put him in the right situation, he can excel. He would have been a first round pick if he entered the draft last year. I would put money that Robert Saleh can get Shaun Wade playing like he is capable of. He would be a steal here.


5th Rnd (154th pk)-Monty Rice, LB, Georgia

Slightly undersized linebacker who displays speed in every direction. Efficient, breaks down well, and takes proper angles to the action. Fast in pursuit, possesses a closing burst, and attacks ball handlers. Instinctive, quickly reads and diagnoses the action, and flashes on the scene. Effectively quarterbacks the defense making the calls. And Jets fans, a linebacker who can cover running backs and tight ends in pass coverage.


6th Rnd (186th pk)-Camryn Bynum, CB, California

Four-year starter and two-time captain of the Cal football team. Remember Joe Douglas loves college captains. Tough, instinctive cornerback with terrific ball skills. Bynum was a terrific cornerback at Cal and has the ball skills and instincts to start at the next level. He finished a terrific college career by performing well at the Senior Bowl and will be good value here.


6th Rnd (226th pk)-Jack Anderson, OG, Texas Tech

This time when a Jets GM make a promise to the QB’s parents that they will surround him with talent, they keep their word. Anderson was a four-year starter at Texas Tech. Another offensive lineman who plays with a mean streak and consistently finishes blocks. He will have to work on his pass protection but the desire, attitude and skill set is there. I’d be shocked if he lasts this long.

  We are a few hours away from go time. Some devout fans just turn off the radio so they don’t have to hear the absurd rumors. I like to hear them. Let the fun begin. Enjoy the draft Jets Fans!

Marty Schupak has been a New York Jets football fan since 1964. Ray Clifford another lifelong fan contributed to this article. Their blog and Podcast are both at:


Tylan Wallace-NY Jets Prospect

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