Everyone wants the Covid-19 virus to end. We all want to go back to the way it used to be. We all have our own different philosophies about life and sports. I never wanted Tom Brady to leave the Patriots. I wanted to beat them when he was there. With the uncertainty of the NFL season, the Jet brass should look at this as a hidden opportunity to make a statement and maybe just maybe make the playoffs. The Pats had 8 players opt out and they had major losses during free agency. No one will feel sorry for them. Their Cap situation went from one of the worse in the NFL to one of the best with 30+ million dollars that they will probably roll over to next year. The Bills lost two starters, one on offense and one on defense. Miami is rebuilding with Fitz taking snaps until Tua Tagovailoa is ready to go. Even though the Jets are rebuilding, this season may be a great chance to move forward in the AFC East. Most Jet fans may not agree after the loss of their two best defensive players, Jamal Adams and CJ Mosley. If you look in business and pick any tech company that is a major success, I guarantee they took an unprecedented chance to get where they are now. For the Jets, this may be the time to take those chances. With Mosley opting out and Brian Winters being cut here are four moves the Jets should do yesterday.

  1. Sign Jadeveon Clowney.
    I’m not a huge fan of him and like Ralph and Ray from our Podcast think he has always been overrated. But for a player who has that reputation and always seems injured, he started 58 games the last 4 years. Almost 15 a season. He is not as good a sack artist as many believe but his play against the run is stunning. In the last 4 years he has 60 tackles for losses (TFL). Clowney will help fill a huge hole with Mosley and Adams gone.
  2. Sign Logan Ryan
    Logan Ryan is one of the better diversified secondary players in the league. He can play both cornerback positions and some safety. I wouldn’t mention him in the same breath with Jamal Adams as a pass rusher but he does have 8.5 sacks the last 2 years. And last year he had 4 interceptions to go along with his 4 forced fumbles. While the Jets brass, fans and media will build up newly acquired safety Bradley McDougald and his interceptions, the truth of the matter is he is a mediocre player who is soft against the run. Ryan is an upgrade.
  3. Sign Larry Warford
    The Saints cut this 3 time Pro Bowl guard. He has since stated that he will sit out the 2020 season. It isn’t a Covid-19 issue but he wants to reassess his career. Joe Douglas should contact him and offer the entire money he was going to pay Brian Winters to him. Though his play slacked off the last half of the season for the Saints, I’m banking on the shortened pre-season that he might change his tune and be ready to go.
  4. Sign Antonio Brown
    I know the man can be toxic in the locker room and most Jet fans don’t want any part of him. Keep in mind he is suspended for the first 8 games of the season. A team friendly contract that can have the Jets getting rid of him in a moment’s notice may work. Remember Brown is desperate to get his career back on track.

All 4 of these players would have a one-year contract. The risk reward may be worth it. As Leon Hess once said “I’m 80 years old and I want to win now.” I’m getting into Leon territory myself at 67 and I too want to win now.