As the Jets season spirals toward the black hole, the decision to pick a new coach will be one of the biggest in franchise history. With the number one pick of the draft looming along with multiple other picks, the new coach can be instrumental in helping Joe Douglas build a foundation for years to come. Fans that heard the press conference with Joe Douglas this week should not be alarmed when he says about Adam Gase that he hopes the two can fix the situation together. What else can he say about a head coach who is still employed? Adam Gase will not be the Jets head coach in 2021. You can bank on that! But who will be? I have certain thoughts concerning the next head coach of the New York Jets:

  1. Offensive or defensive head coach? I say neither! Too much is put on this when a team is looking for a new head coach. If they have a lousy defense, the fans want the team to hire a defensive minded coach. Conversely if the team has a horrible offense, the fans want the team to hire an offensive minded coach. I want the new coach to be a leader. Someone who knows how to motivate and have a team that plays with pride on both sides of the ball and special teams. I couldn’t care if his expertise is offense or defense.
  2. A Coach who coaches both sides of the ball is needed. I don’t want the coach to just be involved with one aspect of the game. As much as Jet fans liked Rex Ryan, his interest was only on defense. It wasn’t till the end of his Jet coaching career did he start to attend the offensive meetings. And Adam Gase has no interest in defense. We’ve all seen him either buried in his laminated sheets or sitting down on the bench by himself making notes when the defense is on the field. This is a bad look to the team, fans and ownership.                       

Some coaching candidates

Jim Harbaugh

The Michigan coach has not got it done in Anne Arbor. His 1-6 home record against Ohio State and Michigan State will prove his demise. Both Woody and Chris Johnson have always had a thing for Harbaugh. In fact they had interviewed him once before for the head coaching job. I don’t see this happening. I’m a Jim Harbaugh fan from his days as quarterback for the Colts and his illustrious “Captain Comeback” nickname. At 56 he is not too old for the NFL in a time when 30 year old something coaches are the flavor of the month. But with Joe Douglas in charge there would be another power play with Harbaugh wanting control. This one won’t happen.

Dabo Swinney

Many Jet fans have this fantasy of a package deal drafting Trevor Lawrence and hiring his college coach. Never happen! The Clemson coach is making 9.3 million dollars a year. He would have to take a reduction in pay and would want full control. Just 50 years old,  his next coaching job will probably be Alabama when Nick Saban retires. Swinney is from Alabama, he played for the Crimson Tide and was a coaching assistant there.

Eric Bieniemy

Everyone’s favorite for the next head coaching job. Bieniemy also interviewed with the Jets when Gase did. As offensive coordinator for the Chiefs, he would have to understand whoever is the Jets QB whether Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields or Sam Darnold, it is a step down from Pat Mahommes. In addition to interviewing once before with the Jets he also interviewed with the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Buccaneers and Cincinnati Bengals. This time around he will get an offer. But will it be from the Green and White?

Dan Campbell

The New Orleans tight ends coach and assistant head coach is thought of highly around the NFL. If the name sounds familiar to New York football fans, its because he was a 3rd round draft pick of the New York Giants in 1999. His coaching resume also includes a stint as the interim Dolphins head coach in 2015 when he took over for Joe Philbin. His record was 5-7 over the last 12 games as head coach.

Matt Campbell

If the Jets decide to go the college route, Campbell is an ascending coach who refused to interview with the Jets two years ago. The Ohio native has turned around programs at Toledo and Iowa State where he is now coaching. He is a great leader and if chosen, his input on the college talent would be welcomed with all the draft capital Joe Douglas has accumulated.

Greg Roman

The 48 year old offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens has been the architect for developing the offense for Lamar Jackson. The Atlantic City New Jersey native has an impressive coaching resume and besides Jackson was instrumental developing an offense for Colin Kapernick when he was with the 49ers. He worked for Rex Ryan with the Bills and was subsequently fired but his coaching resume is impressive.

Don “Wink” Martindale

The 57 year old defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens is also the complete deal. Martindale has been with the Ravens since 2012. As with Roman, Joe Douglas is familiar with him. And supposedly the Giants job was between Martindale and Joe Judge.

Brian Daboll

The Bills 45 year offensive coordinator has been given a ton of credit for improving the play of Josh Allen. The Canadian born Daboll went to college at University of Rochester and majored in economics. He was the Jets quarterbacks coach in 2007 and 2008. But it was the Patriots where he had success being called back three times by Bill Belechick to be part of his staff. He was on the Pats staff for five Super Bowl rings. Daboll is a winner!

My Thoughts

I see the Jets probably staying within the pro ranks. Knowing of Joe Douglas and his past I would say Greg Roman and Don “Wink” Martindale may be the leading candidates. He knows both from his days with the Ravens. Eric Bieniemy and Brian Daboll have an outside shot as well as Iowa State coach Matt Campbell if the Jets go the college route. Keep in mind that with all the holes the Jets have on their roster, they will probably field one of the youngest teams in the NFL in 2021. Matt Campbell may relate to the players better than any of the prospects. My own choice would be either 48 year old New Jersey native Greg Roman or Matt Campbell. Whoever the choice is, it must be a Joe Douglas’ choice and it be better be right.

Marty Schupak has been a New York Jets fan since 1964. His blog: has been around since 2012.

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