Jets Free Agency Signings Must Not Repeat The Past!

  As we approach the first real fun day of the NFL year, March 17, (2 days after the true ides of March) Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh and the rest of the Jets brain trust will begin to hear rumors mixed with truth from agents, the media and maybe even soothsayers. The 2021 NFL league…
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New York Jets Fans: Here Are 3 Mythbusters About Zach Wilson

    In 2019, (before he injured his hand) BYU played Utah, at Tennessee, USC and Washington. And while BYU was over-matched talent-wise in all four games, they managed a split.     At Tennessee, in front of 100,000+ screaming SEC fans, Wilson drove BYU the length of the field with under a minute remaining, to…
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A Watson Trade Only Helps One Team!

     The Jets and specifically Joe Douglas are in a prime spot to set this franchise up for years to come.  They have several high draft picks over the next two years and they will probably add more if they trade Sam Darnold or the second overall pick. They are under the cap at…
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Saleh-Douglas Have Years Of Jets Garbage To Undo!

 The New York Jets hiring of Robert Saleh has given the organization hope, with a new coach getting a chance to lead a team that has been out of the playoffs for ten straight years. For more than the past ten years management, ownership and coaches have dug a deep hole for this team. Many…
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New York Jets Snell And Boozer Were Old School Football Players

     Matt Snell and Emerson Boozer were two of the best players to play for the New York Jets. Growing up as a New York sports junkie, I will always put their names with each other like Seaver and Koosman or Mantle and Maris. Both players were born in Georgia. Matt Snell was born…
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2021 NY Jets Opponents


Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, 

New England Patriots,

Jacksonville Jaguars, 

Tennessee Titans, New Orleans Saints, 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, 

New England Patriots,

Houston Texans, 

Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons,

Carolina Panthers 


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