New York Jets 2021 Show Begins!

  Sunday at 1PM EST is when it all begins! Most Jets fans are feeling an optimism unlike anything they felt in the last ten years. There was some success with Rex Ryan, but I felt the organization still never had an identity. Right now I would say the positive feeling is largely because of…
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Jets Season Prediction 2021

  As we move into a new era for the Jets with their first game, I feel an excitement amongst fans not felt in a while. We were teased when we drafted Sam Darnold but that ship has sailed. This is the first year with 17 games. Opening with Carolina is kind of Hollywood with…
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Jets Hold That Ghost!

  When I was a kid, one of my favorite movies was the Abbott and Costello classic “Hold That Ghost.” Bad guys are trying to scare the boys out of an old house they inherited so some hidden money would end up in their pockets. They do everything to spook the boys trying to convince…
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Jets Hail Mary Closes Out Preseason!

 The last preseason game reminds me of visiting a relative you detest. You know you have to go and when you’re in the car on the way home, you have a feeling of relief that you can’t share with your spouse. This was my exact feeling after the Jets made the two-point conversion to end…
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Jets Prepare For Eagles Then 15 Days To Recharge!

 As the Jets get ready for the Philadelphia Eagles Friday night, the words of the week are ” an injury free” game. As much as the Carl Lawson injury is devastating, and and I hate to simplify and sound too cliche”  but its a big part of professional sports. I take injuries to my team…
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2021 NY Jets Schedule

Sun. Sept 12  |  @Carolina  |  1pm CBS

Sun. Sept. 19  |  New England  | 1pm CBS 

Sun. Sept. 26  |  @Denver  |   4pm CBS

Sun. Oct.  3  |  Tennessee |  1pm CBS       

Sun. Oct. 10  |  @Atlanta  |  9:30 AM NFL

Bye Week

Sun. Oct.  24  |  @New England  |  1pm CBS 

Sun. Oct. 31  |  Cincinnati  |  1pm CBS    

Thu. Nov.  4   |  @Indianapolis  |  8:20 pm NFL 

Sun. Nov. 14  |  Buffalo  |   1pm CBS

Sun. Nov. 21  |  Miami  |  1pm CBS   

Sun. Nov. 28  |  @Houston  |  1pm CBS   

Sun. Dec.  5   |  Philadelphia  |  1pm CBS

Sun. Dec. 12   |   New Orleans  |  1pm Fox

Sun. Dec. 19   |   @Miami   |   TBD

Sun. Dec. 26   |   Jacksonville  |   1pm CBS

Sun. Jan.   2   |  Tampa Bay  |   1pm CBS

Sun. Jan.   9   |    @Buffalo   |   1pm CBS


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